Unoriginal: Year in Review

Got engaged.
Lost my teaching job amidst unfair accusations, negative personal attacks, union representation and lack of seniority. Thank you politics.
Re-started working out.
Re-started Weight Watchers.(Lost about 45 pounds so far.)
Started running. (I know!)
Lost my gramma and grandpa in the span of a month.  (I am still having a really tough time with this.)
Took a temporary teaching position at the high school I graduated from.  In Wisconsin.=Lived in Wisconsin from August 30th until December 17th. 
Coached 8th grade volleyball--at my old junior high.  It was amazing.
Ran my first 5K. In the snow.
Read and finished and blogged about 30 books.
Moved back to Oregon.

Please send me some job-getting juju.  I am not holding my breath, but I know that on Monday, this will be the first school day I am not working in a very long time.  I am going stir-crazy, and being unemployed and uninsured sucks.  Really and truly. 

I am very ready for some more positive in 2011.  It is my turn right?


julacat said...

What a year!!! Life, death, new beginnings....Don't worry--everything is falling into place for you. Just be patient. (easy for me to say)! HEART you.