Life getting in the way.

Yep.  I let it.  But, I am writing and keeping up with my other blog.  I guess this particular blog has taken a severe hit on the priority list.  But, as I am avoiding more grading, and completing my final project for my online class, this is a great time to blog! :)  
I will be in WI for only about 13 or so more days.  It is a relief and a heartbreak all in one.  I really love two of my colleagues who make my day better on a consistent basis.  My students have FINALLY come around (of course, just as I am planning to pull away and ready them for my departure).  I have enjoyed spending more time with my little sister and seeing my family a bit more...even though, in their eyes, it still isn't enough.  Also, Packer games every Sunday without leaving my house for a bar has been absolute heaven.  It also seems that WI likes football more on TV and local stations actually play games on Sundays--not just the stupid one Seattle Seahawks game that we get back in PDX. 
But, I am not used to the cold anymore.  The chill sets in at times, and I can't even shake it.  I have also been running outside to better myself and lose the fat, and it is cold that HURTS.  I am not sure that trading it for the rain and hills will be better, but at least my gym will be there.
All in all, life is good.  Hard.  Stressful.  Exhausting.  Scary.  But good.